The Advanced Oral Implantology study club was born from a growing need for more advanced training in implant dentistry in the Pacific Northwest.
Our goal is to bring 1-2 advanced clinicians to Vancouver each year to run an exclusive course with more advanced practitioners in the province and surrounding area.

Typically, these participants are alumni of the MaxiCourse and working towards credentials with the AAID or improving their clinical skills for the best results with their patients.

These courses are open to all dentists interested in fine-tuning their skill sets and understanding of focused topics in Oral Implantology.



  1. CDITC Implant Symposium – February 17
  2. Predictable Healing Using PRF/PRP Blood Concentrates – March 3-4
  3. Densah Bur System Training – dates TBA

July 7-8, 2017

The Bar Overdenture

2-day Course led by Dr. William Liang
presented by Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre


The AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse curriculum covers a broad spectrum, inclusive of many aspects of implant dentistry. While full arch reconstruction and treatment strategies for the mandible and maxilla are discussed, these topics are a few of many that need to be properly covered, in order to both prepare dentists for implementation of more basic implant treatments in their office as well as prepare dentists for the AAID Associate Fellow written exam.

The creation of this Bar Overdenture course was envisioned through conversation with MaxiCourse alumni. It will focus solely on this topic, in order for dentists to both understand the planning and treatment of full arches as well as experience a live case in a clinical setting.

While bar overdentures and full arch implant treatment are not cases that all alumni are ready to tackle independently in their offices, this course will provide a solid foundation for those dentists experienced enough for this next level in their learning and training as well as give others the opportunity to see how it works in practice.

Course Outline includes:

  • Surgical demonstration of the bar overdenture, with overnight bar milling followed by bar insertion the following day
  • Treatment algorithm for the edentulous mouth
  • Why Removable? Fixed vs Removable
  • Concept of Bar Overdenture
  • Procedure
  • Laboratory steps
  • Evidence of Success
  • Dealing with severely resorbed ridges
  • Working up a case from Dx to Tx
  • Maxillary Bar-Overdenture cf. Mandibular Bar-Overdenture
  • Managing the transition
  • Implant denture occlusion
  • The Marius bridge


April 2015

The Ramus Frame

1-day Course led by Dr. Ralph Robert
presented by Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre

Dr. Roberts, who pioneered the ramus frame, agreed to join us in Vancouver for an exclusive course. Since Dr. Roberts is getting on in years, we recognize that there is a limited window to take advantage of his expertise, especially for those of you who are Diplomates and aspiring Diplomates.


Ralph A. Roberts, DDS is a 1965 graduate of Loma Linda University. He resides in Rio Dell, California and practices general dentistry and implantology. He taught surgical principles for ten years at Loma Linda International Dental Program.

Along with his brother Dr. Harold Roberts, he invented the blade implant system. This past year marked the 43rd anniversary of continuous use of Single Tooth Replacement Implant. It also marked 41 years of continuous function for the Ramus Frame Implant.

He has presented lectures and clinical studies on the Ramus Frame, Ramus Blade and STR implants at many universities including:  Loma Linda University, University of Oregon, Louisiana State University, University of California, San Francisco, and Baylor School of Dentistry.  He has also lectured internationally at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico; in Ukraine; and in the Asian Pacific Section: Taipei, Taiwan.

He has published several manuals and papers and a 25-year study on bone growth following implant placement.

He has been an active professor at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico.

oral implantology with Dr. Ralph Roberts Dr. Tsang polishing his oral implantology skills Successful oral implantology course with Dr. Ralph Roberts MaxiCourse faculty learning oral implantology with Dr. Ralph Roberts