FALL 2017 TO  SPRING 2018
Vancouver, White Rock, Victoria

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Tuition: $1500 + GST
CE hours: 20

The vision for BITE CLUB arose from our perception of a vital need in the field of implant dentistry – more knowledge and instruction in the fundamentals of Oral Implantology. Having spoken with many Vancouver MaxiCourse graduates, there was universal consensus that current Continuing Dental Education offered in British Columbia did not sufficiently prepare them for the rigours involved in dedicating their year to the Vancouver MaxiCourse. We’ve created this study club both for restorative dentists desiring more comprehensive knowledge in implant surgery as well as those dentists serious about building their careers in Oral Implantology, looking for a logical stepping stone to the MaxiCourse.

Our Mission: To introduce the foundations of Oral Implantology to those practitioners that are new to the field.  The program will start with the most basic information that is fundamental to understanding Oral Implantology and build on those foundations.

The BITE CLUB is a purely didactic course, focusing on implant diagnosis and how it relates to prosthetics. Case studies and model-based hands-on training will be included.

Your first step with us is BITE Club I. BITE Club II will continue where BITE I finishes up, adding a seminar-focused case discussion element and more hands-on learning.

Is BITE CLUB for you? This is an ideal fit for:

  • Restorative dentists looking for a greater understanding of the surgical aspect of Oral Implantology
  • Dentists new to Oral Implantology who are seeking a beginner’s foundation program before enrolling in the AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse
  • Implant dentists looking to fill in some of the knowledge gaps that surgical study clubs don’t provide.

I. Provide a systematic introduction to the nomenclature of Oral Implantology

II. Lay the foundation for communication and treatment planning

III. Create a study club dialogue focused on case study [both facilitator-led and member-led] and practical application

IV. Provide hands-on workshops to apply the knowledge learned through lecture and discussion

V. Provide a network of surgeons and restorative dentists with similar treatment philosophies


Session Structure – 2.5 hours CE per session
Modular Sessions for Maximal Learning

1. “Implantenclature, it’s a mouthful!”

  • Introduction to implantology, nomenclature, hands-on identification, language, and communication with the Implant team.

2. “Don’t get screwed?”

  • Treatment planning, timing, record-taking and tracking, informed consent, patient and implant team communication [outcomes, possibilities, expectations]

3. “Posterior Prowess”

  • Treatment planning posterior implants, risks and challenges, socket site analysis and maximizing outcomes, checklists and algorithms

4. “Picture This”

  • Clinical imaging / Dx records / CBCT requests, management, and manipulation (with Bruce Adams, Orbit Imaging)

5. “Anterior Awareness”

  • Treatment planning anterior implants, risks and challenges, aesthetic analysis and maximizing outcomes

6. “Myth-Busting the Restorative”

  • Dental Implant Prosthetics, myths and other controversies, Hands-On: complications and corrections & laboratory collaboration

7. “Hands On / Hands Off”

  • Monitoring and maintenance protocols, peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis, identification and management


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For questions or to register, please contact: Andrew Gillies 604-330-9933


Each location limited to maximum of 12 registrants

BITE Club restorative dentistry

 Following BITE Club I, those members interested in continuing forwards can enter BITE Club II, a more case study-focused study club with time spent discussing cases in your own office, plus practical, targeted lectures and hands-on workshops.