Dr. Charles Shuler

Dean Charles Shuler

Charles Shuler, DMD, PhD

Charles Shuler is Dean & Professor at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry. His B.Sc. is from the University of Wisconsin, DMD from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and PhD from the University of Chicago and Oral Pathology from the University of Minnesota and Royal Dental College Copenhagen. His current research interests include craniofacial development, oral carcinogenesis, oral medicine and gene therapy.

The success of dental implants hinges on the balance of force management and underlying physiology of the recipient bone and surrounding environment. The AAID Vancouver MaxiCourse is honoured to have Dean Shuler present on the topic of bone metabolism, pathology and biomechanics. He shares his wealth of knowledge on the pharmacological and physiological factors that may influence bone metabolism and healing response.