Dr. William D. Nordquist

Dr. William NordquistWilliam D. Nordquist BS DMD MS

Dr. William D. Nordquist brings a degree of training and experience to the field of restorative dentistry that is impressive and reassuring. Not only has he placed thousands of dental implants and prosthetics over his 22-year professional career, he has taken the time and made the effort to attain high status in the most prestigious dental organizations.

He has earned fellow status in the world-renowned American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is certified by the American Board of Oral Implantologists. This is the only board in America certifying dentists in all aspects of tooth replacement.
Over the past 30 years Dr. Nordquist has provided thousands of dental implants for patients in San Diego, across the United States and many foreign countries including Hungary, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Holland, China, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Cinada, and Japan.

Dr. Nordquist owns his own commercial dental laboratory and implant manufacturing facility. Over the years he has developed specialized implant procedures that he now teaches to implant dentists and oral surgeons. Dr. Nordquist controls almost every aspect of the implant treatment including implant manufacturing, laboratory fabrication, and dental artistry needed to provide what he feels is the most sophisticated implant treatment available today.

book by Dr. William Nordquist


In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Nordquist takes you on the journey of decades of study which has lead to one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of the last 50 years. In addition to presenting scientific facts and evidence, you will also discover practical tips on how to get help from your dentist and how to properly take care of your mouth. Book to be published EARLY 2009. Check www.lymebook.com for details!