Vancouver Implant Continuum — Fall to Spring, 10 weekends


The Vancouver Implant Continuum is an advanced surgical study club program under the Vancouver MaxiCourse® umbrella. It consists of 7 days of clinical experience and the optional benefit of participating in 14 days of educational lecture and seminar sessions. Lecture days are back-to-back with clinical sessions, as a part of the Vancouver MaxiCourse®. The program will run from September to June. The optional lecture consists of a systematic build-up of the didactic material and laboratory exercises, while clinical experience includes surgical demonstrations, clinical participation and surgeries on your own patients. All surgeries will be mentored and supervised by board-certified oral implantologist faculty members.

The key advancement in our new Implant Continuum is an increased focus on critical thinking in the field of oral implantology and the study of current research and scientific literature. A more thorough understanding of treatment options, possible surgical complications, and expected outcomes will be examined as a group; this will include a higher level of patient documentation, the goal being to create evidence to assist in making future decisions on treatment options – evidence-based dental practice. The seminar-based discussions will be introduced once or twice during this first year.

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed an AAID MaxiCourse® program prior to registration in the Implant Continuum.

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Limited to maximum of 20 registrants

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* Surgical Sessions run from 8:15am – 6pm Saturdays.
For details please contact: Andrew Gillies 604-330-9933